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Have questions? Whether you are teenager, parent, or adult female, AskMili is our 24/7 AI-Power Period Coach, that can help you with any questions about puberty, period, sex education, hormones, reproductive health, fertility awareness, or menopause. AskMili is the friend to lean on.

You are no longer alone.


Period Cycle

Do you know that your cycle has power?


Helps you prepare for your child’s teenage.  Face adolescence with less fear and more confidence.

Reproductive Health

You can ask your concerns and questions about inflammation, endometriosis, and PCOS.

Sex Education

Here you’ll find information to help you talk to your children about sex while respecting your family values.

Fertility Awareness

You can get safe contraceptive methods and advice and the most fertile times.


Learn about the many ways to cope with menopausal symptoms.


Be prepared for your daughter’s menarche at any time.

Hormonal Balance

Here you can get all the information and advice on adjusting female hormone balance.

Sexual Health

Here you can get information on safe sex practices, common STDs and their prevention.


Who is AskMili?

MiLi (Pu Jie) is the world’s first Chinese period coach and medical nursing professional, as well as a serial entrepreneur, writer, educator, and AI business practice expert. She has been helping many girls to understand puberty and period through professional knowledge, experience, and resources, forming strong confidence and self-recognition.

She designed China’s first period topic board game, cards, parent-child journals, and courses. She create the world’s first AI-Power Period Coach – AskMili. With AskMili, you can receive professional answers and advice 24/7. If you have any doubts about menstruation or female health, do not hesitate to use AskMili immediately!

Client Reviews

What Women and Mothers From Different Countries Say About MiLi


Mother of 14 year old girl


Mother of 10 year old girl

“I really like the [Explore your period] game designed by MILI! This is the most interesting way to introduce the menstrual cycle. For my daughter, having this game as the opening line for a conversation about puberty and menstruation is truly a blessing.”


Fertility Counselor

“The [Explore your period] game designed by Mili is truly a blessing for girls and even all women! In addition to providing my daughter with a comprehensive understanding of menstruation and adolescence, it also eased our communication relationship. Playing games makes it easier for us to communicate and deepen our relationships.”

Immortal Sister

Mother of two girls

“I’m playing the [Explore your period] game designed by MILI with my 12-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son. It’s really fun! Although my daughter has already menstruated, she still learns a lot. My son’s curious question has also been answered. This is definitely a good product that can help more girls understand menstruation and adolescent sex education.”

Dr. Sudiksha Joshi

Personalized Learning Advocate

“When I received the girl gift box designed by Mili, I was really excited! When opening the gift box, you can imagine the joyful feeling of a girl opening the gift you prepared for her like a gift. The content inside the gift box is detailed, and even mothers can participate in practical activities. Mili’s concept is great! She has truly done a great and beautiful thing for the new generation of girls in China!”

Rita Wong

Renowned Interior Designer for Luxury Homes

“Through Mili’s designed game products, courses, and books, not only do they help girls understand themselves, but they also empower others to help girls understand themselves and the world. Mili always openly and scientifically explains various physiological knowledge of women, and her products also serve as a bridge for parent-child communication, opening up topics, caring for and understanding each other.”

QiYin Gao

Chinese teacher for high school

AskMiLi is your personal period coach available 24/7.

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