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1.How long does puberty last?
2.Why is my body changing?
3.What will happen to my body?
4.I feel like no one understands me, what should I do?
5.How to face the love that appears in puberty?
6.How do I communicate with my teen child?
7.What should I do if my child is rebellious in adolescence?
8.How can I promote and strengthen my communication relationship with my teen child?
9.How do I teach my children about sex and self-preservation?
10.What should I do if my child watches pornographic movies?


1.Why do women have periods?
2.What is the menstrual cycle?
3.What is normal period like?
4.What is PMS or PMDD?
5.What should I do if my menstruation is very irregular?
6.What is the best period product for me?
7.Which pads or tampons are better?
8.How many types of pads are there?
9.Who is suitable for menstrual cups?
10.How to use a menstrual cup?

Hormonal balance

1.What are hormones?
2.What factors affect hormonal balance?
3.What are the functions of the four major hormones in the human body?
4.What happens when hormones are balanced?
5.What symptoms can be caused by hormonal imbalance?
6.What are external environmental hormones and what effects do they have on the body?
7.What are some natural ways to help balance hormones?
8.What foods and eating habits can help maintain hormonal balance?
9.I’ve been suffering from insomnia and low libido lately, what’s going on?
10.What is menopause and what are its symptoms?

Contraception and pregnancy

1.What are the contraceptive methods?
2.Which method of contraception is the safest?
3.What effects will long-term oral contraceptive use have on the body?
4.Can I get pregnant if I ejaculate outside my body if I pull out before ejaculating?
5.Is the “safe period” contraceptive method reliable?
6.How do I know when I’m ovulating?
7.When is it easiest to get pregnant?
8.My period was eight days late. what should I do?
9.How can I prepare my body for pregnancy?
10.What are the common pregnancy symptoms?

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